Alcohol Awareness-Reaching for the Stars Curriculum (Grades 9-12)

SKU: NIM-131-8-CW

Project Alcohol Free Grades 9-12 Curriculum is an effective program that is great for Red Ribbon Week or Alcohol Prevention Program


Rationale for this program: Youth are under pressure from many sources.  Need strategies for standing against alcohol.  Strong need for peer acceptance.  Greater mobility & exposure to the world & older teens who may be using alcohol.  Must make decisions about own use.  What Does the Curriculum Cover?  Long-and short-term effects of alcohol use and abuse.  Experimenting with alcohol is using alcohol.  Alcohol in the media.  Alcohol as related to diseases and disabilities.  Laws about the use, manufacturer and sale of alcohol.  The extent of the alcohol problem in their community and what authorities are doing to control it.  Decision making, future implications, and goals.  Additional resources, teacher's evaluations, and more.  Great for Red Ribbon Week or any Alcohol Prevention campaign


Part of the Project Alcohol Free K-12 Curriculums (NIM-131-5-8-CW) Click Here