Distract-A-Match® Game

SKU: 57219-W

Distract-A-Match® Game is great for Red Ribbon Week or Alcohol Prevention Program


A simple shape and color matching game that helps demonstrate in a fun and engaging way the impact of distractions on our reaction time and judgement and extends the lesson to the impact of distracted driving.  Distractions cause "tunnel vision"  an effect that pulls our focus away from the critical tasks of driving a motor vehicle.  Playing the game is simple, participants match shapes, but not colors as they race against the clock.  Use Distract-A-Match® with the Fatal Reaction® Distraction Simulation unit to show the dramatic impact of distraction on our ability to play the game.  Participants typically experience difficulties in speaking, thinking clearly and performing the given task.  Distract-A-Match® is a fun and engaging complement to Fatal Reaction® and Fatal Vision® Impairment Simulation Goggles®.  Includes game mat, foam shapes in 8 colors for all 8 shapes, 30-second sand timer, 500 count roll of results stickers.