Get the MSG: dnt TLK or TXT wen driVn! 8" Bracelet

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Get the MSG: dnt TLK or TXT wen driVn Bracelet sends a great message for Red Ribbon Week



•  8" silicone bracelet


Texting while Driving is Even More Dangerous than Driving while Drunk or High on Marijuana!


In a recent study, writing or reading text messages reduced reaction time by 35%. In comparison reaction time dropped 21% for those under the influence of marijuana and 12% for those who were legally intoxicated by alcohol.


The ability of to keep a vehicle in a lane dropped by 91% for those texting, compared to 35% if they had been smoking marijuana.


Other Frightening Facts:


Drivers take their eyes off the road for an average of 4.6 seconds when composing text messages. That might not seem like a long time, but cars going 55 miles per hour can travel the length of a football field in 4.6 seconds, and presumably hit many a pedestrian, vehicle, or highway divider in the process.


•  4 out of every 5 accidents (80%) are attributed to distracted drivers. In contrast, drunk drivers account for roughly 1 out of 3 (33%) of all accidents nationally.


•  In 2008 almost 6,000 people were killed and a half-million were injured in crashes related to driver distraction!




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