STARS for Families Curriculum

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STARS for Families Curriculum is a excellent tool for Alcohol Prevention Program or Red Ribbon Week


The STARS for Families program, recently selected as a Model Program by the CENTER FOR SUBSTANCE ABUSE PREVENTION (CSAP), was supported by grants from the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH & the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ALCOHOL ABUSE AND ALCOHOLISM. STARS was based on eight years of research and is designed to test the effects of health promotion strategies for preventing alcohol use among middle and junior high school youth. The multi-component STARS for Families program includes media-related, interpersonal & environmental prevention strategies. These same strategies are matched to specific initiation, age-specific, to the risk or protection factors of individual children.This innovative program has been shown to result in avoidance of, and the reductions in alcohol use among participating youth


The STARS for Families Program is designed to:

1) Delay...the onset of alcohol use among youth

2) Reduce...quantity & frequency of alcohol use

3) Reduce...the number of youth in advanced stages of initiating alcohol use

4) Reduce...intention to drink in the future

5) Increase...motivation to avoid alcohol use

6) Reduce...alcohol use risk factors

7) use beliefs

8) Increase...protective factors and resistance skills

9) Increase...parent-child communication about alcohol use prevention


The STARS for Families Curriculum Includes: Complete Facilitator's Guide. 50 Student Postcard Sets-8 in each Set (400 total Postcards). 50 Student Take Home Lessons-4 in each Set (200 total Lessons)


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