DUI: Every 15 Minutes DVD

SKU: DIS-869016-DVDW

DUI: Every 15 Minutes DVD is great for Red Ribbon Week or Alcohol Awareness Program


Traffic crashes are a leading cause of death for teenagers, taking the lives of eight young people each day.  Drunk driving also carries severe emotional and legal risks-especially for young people.  Ever 15 Minutes explores these risks, as it clearly illustrates how drunk driving can affect both drinkers and non-drinkers.  Gives viewers a realistic look at an alcohol related car crash and its far-reaching consequences.  It illustrates the pain and loss felt by family members, as well as the fear experienced by a young drunk driver as he is arrested.  Conveys a strong message about the risks facing all young people who drive intoxicated, as well as those who accept a ride from a drunk driver.  Comes with an AIMS Teaching Module (ATM) which includes the theme of the program, vocabulary review, overview and objectives of program, a comprehensive activity, a test, suggested activities and cross-curricular activities that relate the program to other subject areas.  11 min.DVD