Drugs of Abuse: Treatment and Recovery - DVD CD-ROM Set

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In Drugs Of Abuse: Treatment and Recovery, doctors and clinicians join individuals in recovery to discuss the symptoms and consequences of drug abuse, the neurobiology of addiction, substance abuse treatment and life in recovery.  Using dramatic narratives, this compelling video offers an inside look at the disease of addition, the treatment process, and long-term recovery.  Over the minute video, viewers receive an education on symptomatology, pharmacology, neurobiology, treatment, and recovery management.  Specific drugs discussed include alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, synthetic marijuana, inhalants, perscription drugs and more.  Drugs of Abuse demonstrates the progression of drug abuse to recovery management, from residential treatment to outpatient treatment options and sober living.  


The accompanying CD-ROM features reproducible materials for both clients and professionals, including simple instructions for locating worksheets, handouts, and excerpts in order to deliver topic-specific inormation in clinical settings.


90 minute DVD