Healing from Childhood Trauma & Addiction with John Bradshaw (DVD)

SKU: NIM-144-49-DVDW

Healing from Childhood Trauma & Addiction is great for Red Ribbon Week or Violence Prevention Program


Family & intervention specialist John Bradshaw gives a resounding interview in this DVD that teaches people suffering from trauma or everyday abuse & addiction that hope is out there.   Bradshaw speaks about Addiction, Violence, Trust,  Nurturing, Neglect, Trauma, Shame, Control, and Mistakes.  He shares his childhood problems with the viewer and uses his knowledge and experience from dealing with abused people to lay out a road map to recovery.  The DVD will teach viewers that you must grieve your childhood wounds in order to live.   Bradshaw explains that, although people may suffer grief, the pain they've once suffered will strengthen their compassion and will to live after their recovery.  For Personal Recovery, Treatment Center, Family Resource/ Learning Centers & Counselors