Meth Death: A demon in the Land (DVD)

SKU: NIM-144-33-DVDW

Show students the dangers of Meth during Red Ribbon Week with Meth Death A Demon in the Land DVD 


Interviews Col. Alex Mahon, Director of the Governors Task Force on Methamphetamine.  Covers: What is meth?, Effects of meth use, Cycle of abuse, Pre-cursor elements, Physical effects, Psychological effects, Binge use, High intensity use, Tweaking, & information on spotting the dangers of a meth user in the tweaking zone.  Meet Becky a long term meth user struggling to overcome her addiction and come to terms with the damage it has done to her life.  Encourages: Education, A commitment to responsibility, the Hope of recovery, and That time is of the essence.  Grades 7-Adult