Party Drugs: From "Cool" to "Dead Cold" (DVD)

SKU: NIM-144-81-DVDW

During Red Ribbon Week education students about the dangers if club drugs with Party Drugs DVD 


Ecstasy, PCP, Rohypnol, GHB, Ketamine, Psilocybin, LSD, Fry.  The club scene can appear to be a very "cool" lifestyle in the eyes of partiers and users, but mixing deadly drugs with a "rave" lifestyle can turn this "cool" appearance into a deadly reality.  From ECSTASY and ROHYPNOL, to LSD, KETAMINE and GHB, a host of club drugs are covered in this program to expose youth and young adults to the "real facts" concerning their harmful effects.  Prevention and Addiction expert, Stephanie Kreiling, guides viewers through the world of club drugs by explaining how these drugs invade the club lifestyle and work their way into the lives of helpless victims.  Kreiling exposes viewers to how club drugs are becoming the primary interest of many club-goers; how these drugs are spreading and becoming more pervasive; and how these drugs progressively change people's lives. This program offers hope to those already addicted and reinforces the message that addiction to drugs can be either 100% Preventable, 100% Treatable, or 100% FATAL.  Grades 6-12 & Adults