Smash Match™ Impairment Challenge

SKU: 174313-W

Smash Match™ Impairment Challenge is great for Red Ribbon Week or Alcohol Prevention Program


Smash Match™ is a timed activity that involves the matching and placing of simple traffic- related shapes on the Smash Match™ mat, first without and then with the impairing effect of the Fatal Vision® Goggles. Shows that once our senses are impaired, our ability to accomplish simple tasks is greatly diminished. The instructor relates this experience to the tasks involved in driving a motor vehicle and the significant risks associated with driving impaired. Smash Match™ is a new experience and activity for Fatal Vision® Goggle demonstrations that is sure to be a popular and engaging learning tool for your outreach and prevention efforts. Instructional materials include a Smash Match™ User’s Guide that helps the instructor effectively deliver an experience about the dangers of driving impaired as participants work with their instructor to develop strategies to prevent impaired driving and promote sober driving. Includes: Smash Match™ mat. Assorted shapes and pieces. Digital timer. User guide. Carrying bag