SmokeCheck, CO Monitor

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Now: $455.00
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SmokeCheck, CO Monitor is a great aid for Great American Smoke-Out and Red Ribbon Week


The Smoke Check is the most cost effective Carbon Monoxide monitor available in the World. The Smoke Check has been designed as a simple screening test for cigarette consumption. With its single switch operation, and single breath requirement, the Smoke Check will instantly provide an indication to a persons smoking habits.


Results are given in PPM and are backed up with bright colour light indicators. When used in conjunction with the smoking cessation guide chart, %COHB levels are readily available. Smoke Checks extreme portability and ease of use make it the ideal tool for all types of healthcare professionals wanting to screen cigarette consumption.


The release of Smoke Check now means you have the choice of two CO monitors from Micro Medical. The Micro CO is still considered the most advanced carbon monoxide monitor available today. The Micro CO combined with COBRA software for performing and storing CO breath tests on your PC can certainly be considered as the gold standard.


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