Stock Artwork

Welcome to our online stock artwork library! Please select the stock artwork you would like to use for your custom product. Please note that imprint areas and imprint methods may vary from product to product. Our design team may have to make some modifications to the stock art for your order. To get started, choose a category below. All Images are Copyright 2013 by Nimco, Inc.


Screenprint Artwork (1 Color)

Abstinence (1 Color)
Alcohol Prevention (1 Color)
Armed Forces (1 Color)
Character Building (1 Color)
Diversity/Black History (1 Color)
Drug Prevention (1 Color)
EMS/EMT (1 Color)
Fire Safety (1 Color)
Go Green (1 Color)
Healthcare (1 Color)
Law Enforcement (1 Color)
Mascots (1 Color)
Nutrition/Food/Culinary (1 Color)
Recovery (1 Color)
Texting While Driving (1 Color)
Tobacco Prevention (1 Color)
Violence Prevention (1 Color)

Screenprint Artwork (Full Color Process)

Abstinence (Full Color Process)
Alcohol Prevention (Full Color Process)
Armed Forces (Full Color Process)
Character Building (Full Color Process)
Diversity/Black History (Full Color Process)
Drug Prevention (Full Color Process)
EMS/EMT (Full Color Process)
Fire Safety (Full Color Process)
Go Green (Full Color Process)
Healthcare (Full Color Process)
Mascots (Full Color Process)
Nutrition/Food/Culinary (Full Color Process)
Recovery (Full Color Process)
Texting While Driving (Full Color Process)
Tobacco Prevention (Full Color Process)
Violence Prevention (Full Color Process)


Embroidered Artwork

Embroidery Designs