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At Prevention Resources (a division of NIMCO, Inc) we are proud to offer the largest variety of Tobacco Prevention Resources on the market today. We support the goals of the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association and the American Lung Association. Our Tobacco Prevention Resources are for all ages with promotional items as well as educational videos and games.

Nicotine addiction is a huge problem in all ages. We offer information and educational items on second hand smoke, chewing or spit tobacco and many items for the Great American Smokeout. We commend the many anti-tobacco groups across America who strive to achieve a Smokefree America. We offer a wide variety of customized products suitable for all ages with many special items for teen smoking prevention. 

Tobacco is a serious problem and we are constantly researching and developing new products to meet the current tobacco prevention resources individuals and organizations need to promote their specific message. We take great pride in having partnered with many anti-smoking and anti-tobacco groups across America. We offer cutting edge products with the most up to date research in all of our Tobacco Prevention products

Knowledge is POWER and we offer the most power on the market today for tobacco educational and promotional items.

Please use the content on this website as a tool to educate yourself and others about the dangers of smoking and tobacco use. On this site you'll find health related facts as well as methods of preventing tobacco use among youth and adults. Please visit ourretail site where you can explore many different videos, dvds, books, pamphlets, promotional give-aways, and many, many more materials devoted to tobacco prevention. 



Great American Smokeout Day - Nov. 19, 2009


Canadian National Non-Smoking Week - Jan. 17-23, 2010


Kick Butts Day - April 2, 2010


World No Tobacco Day - May 31, 2010